Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wwe Superstar Khali Gets A Shock In Punjab, India

The ‘Great Khali’ is a superstar in the US for his exploits in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ring. In India, the police officer in Punjab has just overcome a shock that may have cost him his job.
The seven-feet-three-inches (2.21 metres) tall wrestler, whose real name is Dalip Singh Rana, is an assistant sub-inspector with Punjab Armed Police (PAP).
On Friday, the police suspended him, only to reinstate him within hours after Director General Of Police S.S. Virk intervened. Separately, the 200-kg Rana also got a notice to vacate the government house allotted to him in Jalandhar’s PAP complex.
His suspension followed an internal probe by PAP which concluded that the ‘Great Khali’ had failed to report for duty after his six-month leave expired in July this year. He had gone to the US in January.
In April, Rana made his debut as the ‘Great Khali’ in the WWE circuit (earlier known as the World Wrestling Federation - WWF) in the US and trounced the reigning champion - The Undertaker

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