Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dell Vows To Boost Energy Efficiency In Products

Dell on Wednesday said it would reduce energy consumption of its notebooks and desktops by up to 25% in two years.
The reduction would be in comparison to Dell's current systems, the computer maker said. Dell claims to have improved energy efficiency of its OptiPlex desktops nearly 50% since 2005. Power usage of its Latitude notebooks has dropped 16% since 2006.
Energy efficiency has become a battle cry among computer makers as customers seek products that help ease soaring power costs. In addition, using less energy helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions in power generation. The gas is a major contributor to global warming.
Albert Esser, VP of power and infrastructure solutions at Dell, that pursuing an aggressive strategy of energy efficiency is the "right thing for our business, our customers, and shared environment."
Dell expects to achieve environmentally friendly goals through more energy-efficient circuit designs and fans and more effective power-management features. The company also is working with suppliers in developing lower power components, such as chipsets, power supplies, and memory.
Dell currently offers software that maintains power-management configurations across client PCs and 80 Plus-certified power supplies. The electric utility-funded provides incentives for manufacturers to adopt power supplies certified by the organization. The group has certified more than 550 power supplies to date.
Dell also offers consumers a free recycling program and asset-recovery services for businesses. Dell has describing its energy and environmental initiatives.
Dell is in the middle of a turnaround effort to reverse the mistakes that led to the company ceding the title of world's largest computer maker to Hewlett-Packard. While financial analysts believe Dell has made progress in reversing its market decline, some believe it's going to take some time, perhaps as long as two years by one estimate, to complete the turnaround.

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