Thursday, May 1, 2008

Discover the environmental challenges of 2050 today

Did you know that?
  • More than 60% of air travel is people going on holiday.
  • There are 1,000 new mobile phone users in the world every minute, but only 5% of old phones are recycled.
  • An average golf course in a hot country, like Thailand, can use as much water as 60,000 people living in villages.
  • Packaging makes up a third of household waste.
  • Cities cover 2% of the planet's land surface, but consume 75% of its resources and produce 75% of all waste.

Interactive exhibition, the first of its kind, which examines some of the environmental challenges facing the world's population between now and the year 2050.
The Science of Survival is staged at The Science Museum, London, until November. There will also be a global touring version, starting in New Jersey in the US from October, and over the next five years it will reach 20 countries and be translated into local languages.

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