Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All you want to know about MBA institutes: Ask our Experts from the industry.

IIM or MBA from foreign University ?

The key to success in an organization is having an effective management of resources. With the economy becoming more and more complex as well as competitive, the demand for MBA graduates and hence MBA institutes are growing. These MBA institutes help the students imbibe the capabilities and skill to maximize individual and organizational productivityWe head on to Malaysia for the second race of the 2008 season. The Sepang International circuit which is rated among the best and the most challenging circuits by the drivers and critics alike, is the venue for the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix. It boasts of some of the best pit garages and media facilities and even more impressive grandstands.

Moto GP Championship: Is Rossi losing his sheen or Lorenzo & Pedrossa are more talented

Ran across a last year's article after Pedrosa had taken out Hayden and almost cost him the title.
But what now? Hayden has a brand new, shiny two-year contract to ride with Repsol Honda. Dani Pedrosa has another year to go of his two-year contract. Alberto Puig goes where Pedrosa goes, and has too many fingers in HRC pies to be extracted cleanly. But the situation at Repsol Honda is clearly untenable. It's almost inconceivable that Pedrosa and Hayden will be able to share a pit box next year, yet that is what they are condemned to. It is hard to believe that the combination of Pedrosa and Hayden will prove fruitful in developing a bike and fighting for a title, with so much distrust and bad blood between them. So, unless big changes are made, Repsol Honda is not going to be able to function as a team next year.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Entrepreneur and Share market finicky

Lets share our business ideas, May be some of us will end up being a partner.
Any one with stock ideas?

Shayari corner

Any stereotyped shayar !!!

We all miss our home

What is that one most interesting thing you did last time at your home ?

Book your Movie ticket now

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Aakhir sardar ko gussa kyun aaya: Bhajji taking on Sreesanth?

What you say???

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Any takers on cheer girls in IPL T20.

If you are so interested in deploying these cheer girls who dance after hits of ... Hey all you care takers of Indian culture take a chill pill.

IPL T20: Which team do you support

IPL - Indian premier league or is it "international players lottery" ?Any how, it is a very welcome step by indian cricket board and the sponsors and it will take the entertainment of cricket to a new level.

Do u like.. Kolkatta Night riders ?