Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ultra mobile PCs that are light on the pocket!

Until a few months ago, the smarpthone was the best option for those who needed computing on the move. Yes, notebooks were no longer as expensive as they had once been. But a high-end smartphone cost about just as much as a low-end notebook.
And smartphones were much easier to carry, being lightweight as well. You could not just open a notebook and start work anywhere. While there were ultraportable notebooks (generally with 11 and 12-inch screens) and UMPCs (ultra mobile PCs) available, they generally cost a bomb. All of which made the smartphone perfect for those who wanted to lug their work along with them, provided one did not need too much heavy duty computing!
But that edge could be set to disappear soon. The past few months have seen the likes of Asus and HCL come out with notebooks that are not only extremely portable but are also very light on the purse. Most of the attention in this regard has been cornered by the Asus EeePC, which offers a 7-inch screen and 4GB of flash memory for approximately Rs 18,000. What's more, although some have quibbled at the absence of an optical drive (it has no CD or DVD writer or player) and the relatively low processor speed (no Intel Centrinos here), the fact is that the EeePC looks good enough and manages to operate at a more than decent turn of speed.
What’s more, it also has Wi-Fi, making it ideal for some high-speed browsing, if needed. And if you need more storage , you can always plug in a high capacity external hard drive using a USB port. Yes, the operating system is Linux but there are plenty of applications onboard to ensure that you do not miss the big M— from an office suite to an image editor to an email client.

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