Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Turkey launches new-look credit cards

HSBC Turkey is aiming to enlarge its market share by introducing two new Advantage credit card lines.
HSBC has teamed up with Pegasus Airlines, Turkey's leading low-cost air carrier, to launch one of the new credit cards with Advantage features. The Pegasus card offers a wide range of privileges from flight points to cash points for consumers and travellers. Customers who make purchases with their Pegasus card earn flight points, which can be used to book cheaper flights or, if they wait until they accumulate points, customers will receive a free ticket. The other new Advantage cards feature Turkey’s first foray into scented products called Advantage Black and Advantage Rouge. Black and Rouge offer discounts in selected restaurants and shops in addition to the existing features of HSBC Advantage Gold credit cards. Advantage Rouge, which is designed for women, is available in a choice of either vanilla or coconut fragrances and offers discounted services, such as fitness, style advisory, cooking classes and airport shuttle services. Advantage Black, which is targeted at men, has a lavender or tobacco fragrance, and allows customers to use discounted services in a number of leisure pursuits which include classes in sailing, diving, motorcycle maintenance and photography, as well as magazine subscriptions.

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