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MiniTube for WinAmp

MiniTube is a plugin for WinAmp that attempts to find music videos from YouTube for every song in your playlist. Here's how it's supposed to work: A song starts to play, and MiniTube will automatically find the best music video available for the song and start playing it. That's the theory anyway. But the actual practice is a bit shakier.

That's because MiniTube just grabs the first video it can find that roughly matches the song's metadata. That means there's a pretty decent chance you'll get the wrong video from the right artist, a video of an amateur musicians performing the correct song, or something else entirely. Sometimes MiniTube will find the right video, but if the metadata on your MP3s is anything less than perfect, more often than not, it won't.

MiniTube does address one potential problem fairly well. Because the audio of the YouTube video will undoubtedly be out of synch with the audio file, you can choose to either play your audio file and mute the audio on the video, or mute Winamp and play the audio and video from the YouTube video.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First look at Windows 7's User Interface

They're also found on the Start Menu.
The biggest visible result of all this is the taskbar. The taskbar in Windows 7 is worlds apart from the taskbar.
Text descriptions on the buttons are gone, in favor of big icons. The icons can—finally—be rearranged; no longer will restarting an application put all your taskbar icons in the wrong order. The navigation between windows is now two-level; mousing over an icon shows a set of window thumbnails, and clicking the thumbnail switches windows. Right clicking the icons shows a new UI device that Microsoft calls "Jump Lists."
Jump lists provide quick access to application features. Applications that use the system API for their Most Recently Used list (the list of recently-used filenames that many apps have in their File menus) will automatically acquire a Jump List containing their most recently used files. There's also an API to allow applications to add custom entries; Media Player, for example, includes special options to control playback.
This automatic support for new features is a result of deliberate effort on Microsoft's part. The company wants existing applications to benefit from as many of the 7 features as they can without any developer effort. New applications can extend this automatic support through new APIs to further enrich the user experience. The taskbar thumbnails are another example of this approach. All applications get thumbnails, but applications with explicit support for 7 will be able to add thumbnails on a finer-grained basis. IE8, for instance, has a thumbnail per tab (rather than per window).
Window management has also undergone changes. In recognition of the fact that people tend only to use one or two windows concurrently, 7 makes organizing windows quicker and easier. Dragging a window to the top of the screen maximizes it automatically; dragging it off the top of the screen restores it. Dragging a window to the left or right edge of the screen resizes the window so that it takes 50% of the screen. With this, a pair of windows can be quickly docked to each screen edge to facilitate interaction between them.
Another common task that 7 improves is "peeking" at windows; switching to a window briefly just to read something within the window but not actually interact with the window. To make this easier, scrubbing the mouse over the taskbar thumbnails will turn every window except the one being pointed at into a glass outline; moving the mouse away will reinstate all the glass windows. As well as being used for peeking at windows, you can also peek at the desktop:
Peeking at the desktop is particularly significant, because the desktop is now where gadgets live. Because people are increasingly using laptops, taking up a big chunk of space for the sidebar isn't really viable; Microsoft has responded by scrapping the sidebar and putting the gadgets onto the desktop itself. Gadgets are supposed to provide at-a-glance information; peeking at the desktop, therefore, becomes essential for using gadgets
The taskbar's system tray has also been improved. A common complaint about the tray is that it fills with useless icons and annoying notifications. With 7, the tray is now owned entirely by the user. By default, new tray icons are hidden and invisible; the icons are only displayed if explicitly enabled. The icons themselves have also been streamlined to make common tasks (such as switching wireless networks) easier and faster.

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New Presidential Candidate... It's someone we know!

There's an effort to elect an unknown random person as President forget Obama and McCain... and it's someone we know! More detail coverage of surprising new nominee here

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Anti-Theft Lunch Bag

What a funny Scene

You can't stop laughing

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Intresting Technical Tips

How to Disable or Enable Auto run CD in Windows XP?
In windows XP you can enjoy a good feature to run CD or DVD automatically when you loaded it into you CD drives on your computer. This is a defaults feature in windows XP but you can disable and enable it according to your nature of work. In user interface mode there is no option to disable or enable this feature, you must edit the registry of windows and be careful to work registry.
Click Start button then type regedit in Run option then press Enter for next. Here locate the location to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Cdrom
Here you can disable or enable automatically running your CD. Change the value of Autorun to 0 for disable and change the value to 1 for enable. At the end restart your computer for this change.

How you can Change The Recycle Bin's Name?
You can change the name of Recycle Bin of your system if you wish. It is very easy and interesting but it require some changes in windows registry,
First click on Start button > click on Run option.
Type here regedit.exe and press enter then you will find there regedit editor.
In regedit editor you will open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder, In this folder open the CLSID folder then open the {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} folder >ShellFolder folder at last. Here simply change the data value from "40 01 00 20" to "70 01 00 20".

How to download the videos from or Google videos

Step 1> copy the video url from for example vasudhaiva kutumbakam video link:

Step 2> go to

Step 3> paste the url in the tiny text box
Step 4> select the site (in this case
Step 5> Click on download button
Step 6> Right click on the new link that appears below the tiny text box and choose the option to save it on your, it will appear after we press download button.
Step 7> if u do not have .flv files playing software.. . Install one from (Riva player) or (VLC player)

Commonwealth Youth Games 2008

The spectacular sporting bonanza is about to unfold in the cultural capital of Pune ,Maharashtra, India. Pune is the proud host of the Commonwealth Youth Games 2008. An independent multi sports event, the Youth Games are a run up and a trial event to the Commonwealth Games 2010 to be held in Delhi.The III Commonwealth Youth Games will be held in Pune from the 12th to 18th October 2008. Over 1,300 athletes and 350 officials from 71 countries will participate in these games, in 9 disciplines -Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Weightlifting and Wrestling are included in the Commonwealth Youth Games 2008.
The mascot of the III Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008 is the younger brother of 'Shera', the mascot of the Commonwealth Games 2010. His name is “Jigrr”. He is young, impish, playful, mischievous, intelligent, sporting, alert and full of life, all set to energize Pune for Commonwealth Youth Games 2008. Incorrigibly competitive and incredibly brave, he is oozing with confidence and the twinkle in the eye reflects his 'I can do it' attitude.

Some intresting facts...

a. It is for the FIRST time, that the Commonwealth Youth Games will be held in Asia – in 2008.

b. The Inaugural Commonwealth Youth Games were held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 10th to 14th August 2000.

c.The II Commonwealth Youth Games were held in Bendigo, Australia from 30th November to 3rd December 2004.

Commonwealth Games FederationThe role of the Commonwealth Games Federation stretches beyond facilitation of the Commonwealth Games - indeed the continuing success of the Games has helped to influence the outreach of the Commonwealth and to strengthen it’s bonds.
As a means of improving society and the general well being of the people of member nations, the Federation also encourages and assists education via sport development and physical recreation throughout the Commonwealth.
Every decision made by the Commonwealth Games Federation inherently carries the intrinsic principles of - HUMANITY, EQUALITY and DESTINY, which are the core values of the organisation. These values help to inspire and unite millions of people and they symbolise the broad mandate of the Federation within the Commonwealth.

Tickets are available on :

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