Monday, May 12, 2008

Sun Microsystems launches JavaFX

Microsystems has unveiled JavaFX, a rich internet application environment software, that will empower developers with the option to generate revenue through advertising on mobile applications.
It delivers an application across a web browser, social network, desktop operating system and a mobile phone. To put it simply, a user will be able to use facebook, an internet browser and twitter all at the same time on his desktop or mobile through a single application, besides other functions like 3D sphere rendering of dozens of high definition videos at once. The product will compete with Adobe Systems AIR and Microsoft’s Silverlight.
Announcing the launch at the 13 version of JavaOne, the annual conclave of developers, students, bloggers, social media, web 2.0 companies and blue-chip businesses, along with more than 135 exhibitors from 65 countries, Sun Microsystems’ software chief Rich Green said: ”Information is crossing the moat, escaping the castle. The private information network is gone. Enterprises have to recognise that the enterprise moat barriers are coming down, with consumers driving innovation.”

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