Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Paglo Opens Beta of World's First Search Engine for IT

Paglo (www.Paglo.com) launched the beta of the world's first search engine for IT. The easy-to-use service enables users to discover and index all of their IT data and get instant answers to computer, network, and user questions. More than 800 companies are already using Paglo as part of the company's early access program. And because the system is on-demand, users can tap the experience of others directly through shared searches, dashboards, and alerts -- known as Paglo share-its. To activate a free beta account and be up and running in minutes, go to www.Paglo.com (see also ).
Paglo is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that provides a 'system-of-record' by making all of an organization's IT data immediately accessible and useful. The Paglo service benefits any IT, operations, or security professional. For example, a company can quickly discover and locate all devices connected to its network, determine how many copies of Microsoft(R) Office are in use, or find users with administrative privileges to key systems.
IT professionals also benefit from the wisdom of their peers. Searches, dashboards, and alerts can be instantly saved as a Paglo share-it, and can then be shared within a company or with the entire Paglo community. Share-its are categorized by type and contain the search syntax to answer a specific question or generate quantitative results. All users can take advantage of share-its and modify them to meet their specific needs. When a share-it is used, the returned information is based on the specific data in the user's Search Index.
"Search has transformed consumer behavior, but has yet to truly change how business is conducted," said Paglo CEO, Brian de Haaff. "We provide search to find answers for business, and we're starting with IT. While some users refer to Paglo as 'Google(TM) for IT,' it's our unique ability to return both simple text and rich quantitative data from searches that sets us apart. Additionally, because we are on-demand and our users can collaborate via Paglo share-its and connect through our forums, it's easy to see why we are changing the way people manage their business."
The perfect IT search engine captures and understands all of the information about devices, networks, and users. This type of "universal search" is the value that Paglo delivers. Paglo's patent-pending technology incorporates the Paglo Crawler, open-source discovery software that securely gathers IT information, and can be easily extended with plug-ins to capture additional data sources. Discovered information is securely transferred to the Paglo Search Index. Searches can then be run that return both simple text and rich quantitative data. Each business has its own secure Paglo Search Index that keeps the information completely separate and private from every other user.
Paglo users keep their fingers on the pulse of their technology environment via fully customizable Paglo Dashboards, which automatically present results from searches they have saved. Users can create as many unique dashboard views as they like -- such as one for server management, one for network management, and one for security. Any search can be saved for future use to run again. In addition, any search can be turned into an alert, which Paglo regularly reruns, and sends a notification when user-defined parameters have been triggered.

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