Friday, June 13, 2008

Hottest iPhone rivals

The release of 3G iPhone has once again refueled the raging iPhone battle. It has renewed the fight which has been on since January 2007 (at MacWorld), when Steve Jobs first showcased his touchscreen magic to the world.
Jobs keynote address at MacWorld woke up the telecom world to a new opponent and since then the cell phone manufacturers have been on their toes to develop a formidable iPhone rival.
Almost all top cell phone makers, including the mobile giant Nokia either have an iPhone rival ready or are vigorously working on the same. In fact, Korean electronic manufacturer LG even stole Apple's thunder when it unveiled LG Prada, world's first completely touchscreen phone, in March 2007, almost two months prior to iPhone hitting the market.
While LG took lead, the other companies are also not leaving any stone unturned to dissuade Apple from taking over the cell phone market the way it has swept the MP3 player market.
So, here's looking into the hottest competition to iPhone. While some of these iPhone killers boasts of enhanced multimedia features and video recording, others tout larger display and improved navigation options.

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