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Mother Support - Going for the Gold Breastfeeding results from a reproductive health continuum for the mother to the child with no beginning or end, from generation to generation. When a practice is disrupted, it must be restored. However, restoration of the breastfeeding culture demands more resources and mobilisation. In conjunction with the Olympics next August, the World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) 2008 calls for greater support for mothers in achieving the gold standard of infant feeding: breastfeeding exclusively for six months, and providing appropriate complementary foods with continued breastfeeding for up to two years or beyond.As every country sends its best athletes to compete at these global games, it is important to remind ourselves that, in a similar fashion, a healthy young athlete can only emerge from a healthy start on life. There is no question that optimal infant and young child feeding is essential for optimal growth and development.

Objectives of the World Breastfeeding Week 2008

  • To expand awareness of the need for and the value of providing support to a breastfeeding mother
  • To disseminate updated information about support for breastfeeding mothers
  • To create optimal conditions for the provision of mother support in all circles of support

Mothers deserve and need:

  • Empathetic Listening
  • Basic, Accurate, and Timely Information
  • Skilled and Practical HelpEncouragement

All mothers have a lot of concerns about their babies. Here are some common questions asked frequently by mothers and their answers.

When should breastfeeding be started?
Breastfeeding should be started immediately after the baby is born. The baby should be held by the mother, close to her breasts for skin-to-skin contact. It stimulates smooth flow of milk and keeps the baby warm besides helping emotional bonding. Breastfeeding should be started early since the baby is most active in first 30 to 60 minutes. Also, the sucking reflex is most active at that time.

After caesarean - section delivery, can I breastfeed my baby successfully?
Yes, this operation does not affect your ability to successfully breastfeed your baby. You can start breastfeeding after 4 hours of operation or when you are out of the effect of anaesthesia. You can tilt your body to one side in the lying-down position and start feeding or you can put the baby on your abdomen and then feed the child. All mothers who have caesarean section deliveries are successful in breastfeeding their babies with assistance for the first few days.

Can I feed my baby in lying down position?
Yes, you can feed your baby in any position comfortable to you and your baby. It may be lying down, sitting or reclining.

My milk looks thin and watery. Is it alright?
Yes, milk at the start of breastfeed (foremilk) is thin and contains less fat. Hindmilk (near the end of feed) is thicker and full of fats. A baby needs both. Feed the baby in an unrestricted fashion to ensure that baby receives both foremilk and hind milk.

Should I breastfeed from both the breasts each time I feed my baby?
One breast must be emptied out fully before the second is offered, so that the baby receives both foremilk and hind milk. When the baby releases one, breast other should be offered. If the baby is still hungry he will feed from the other breast. Alternate breast should be offered at each feed.

My baby is preterm. Can I breastfeed successfully?
Yes, you can breastfeed a preterm baby successfully.

How long can I continue to breastfeed?
You should breastfeed your baby exclusively for first 6 months and continue breastfeeding well upto 2 years or beyond.

I don't have enough milk. What should I do?
Sign of getting adequate milk supply is the baby passing urine 6 times (or more) in 24 hours and baby gaining weight 500gms per month. The feeling of inadequate milk is usually apparent and not true as it comes from the mother believing that she is not producing enough breast milk or if the baby asks for feeds more frequently or cries a lot. What you should do is put your child more often at your breast. Increased suckling frequently will increase "prolactin" production and in turn increase your milk supply. Also, avoid tension which inhibits the milk flow.

I have pain in the nipples while feeding the baby. What should I do?
The cause of pain, probably is that your baby is suckling in an incorrect position. If the baby is suckling only at the nipple, it causes sore nipple, which is painful. The treatment is to feed your baby in the correct position. Once your baby starts suckling in the correct position, pain will immediately disappear. Applying any cream or lotion is not recommended. You can put few drops of your own breast milk over the damaged area and allow it to dry.

I am sick, can I still breastfeed my baby?
Yes, you can continue breastfeeding even if you are sick. Most of the diseases do not affect the baby even typhoid, malaria, tuberculosis, jaundice or leprosy don't call for stopping breastfeeding.

I am taking medicines. Can I continue breastfeeding my baby?
Yes, most commonly used drugs don't cause any harm to babies For further advice consult your doctor.

Should washing the breast before and after each feed be done?
No, daily bathing is all that is required. Avoid applying soap on your nipples. Frequent washing or cleaning of the breast is likely to remove the antibacterial lubricating oil produced by the special glands present in the areola.

Does smoking affect my milk and my baby?
Yes, smoking can reduce your milk supply. It may also make your child more prone to respiratory infections and asthma.

If I have twin babies - can I feed both?
Yes, they can be breastfed simultaneously using one breast for each feed and alternating the breasts for next feeds. Breast milk production is usually sufficient to meet with the requirements of both the babies. If required fresh milk can be used with cup and spoon.


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The best thing a new mom can do to ensure a successful breastfeeding relationship is to educate herself before the baby comes, so you are prepared. Its not easy for everyone, especially in the beggining, but if you are prepared and know what to expect, you will not get the frustration as you will know whats going on. Inform yourself!